PI Industries plans expansion programme at Sarod

PI Industries Ltd is planning to expand its chemical unit in Sarod in Jambusar Tehsil in Bharuch district of Gujarat. The project involves expanding production facilities to produce Insecticides and Intermediates like Amino Triazines (THM etc.) (4800 tpa), herbicides and intermediates like Alkylazines (5650 tpa), fungicides and intermediates like Active amide Fungicides (SSF-126/Oxime,TRFRN, FNXL, MIPD, ORST etc.) (3550 tpa) and Pyrazoles (5500 tpa) and fine chemicals (7500 tpa).

Project LocationSarod, Jambusar, Bharuch District
Project Cost (in million)
Project Capacity4800 tpa
Project StatusPlanning
Commissioning Date

Company Profile : P I Industries Ltd

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