SRF plans expansion programme for Chloromethane Plant in Dahej

SRF Ltd is planning to expand its Chloromethane (CMS) plant at an estimated cost of Rs. 315 crore in its chemical complex at Dahej, Gujarat. The multi-purpose plant is expected to double its capacity to 200,000 tpa.

The expansion of Chloromethane plant is, however, strongly linked to captive consumption of Chloroform, which has limited usage. SRF is, therefore, uniquely positioned to leverage the opportunity as it has the capability for captive consumption of the other two ingredients, Chloroform and Carbon Tetra Chloride (CTC).

Project LocationDahej,Gujarat
Project Cost (in million)₹3,150
Project Capacity100000 tpa
Project StatusPlanning
Commissioning Date

Company Profile : SRF Ltd

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